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Color Grading, Format and Standards Conversion, Restoration Tools - Grain/Noise Reduction, Dirt Scratch Concealment, Compression Pre-processing, High Quality Real Time Contribution Level Compression Solutions

"Digital Ingenuity"

On-Location Dailies and VFX Media and Shot Management


"Universal Media Transcoding"

Rhozet: ProMedia Carbon stand-alone software transcoder between all major formats, as well as providing standards conversion, logo insertion,

High performance video and file based processing solutions for Broadcast, Post Production, and Digital Media professionals.

DTV format conversion, video noise reduction, film restoration, and pre/post compression processing for IPTV applications.




Dark Energy® Software Suite

Texture Manager - De-noise/De-grain, dustbust, change delivery standard/format, change framerate, add believable film simulation effects, all without rendering, all on a single workstation using a single GPU

Tachyon - Converts source video and image files to any new frame rate, resolution, standard, or format using fully adjustable spatial and temporal re-sampling

FilmSim - Making digital video look more cinematic, Variable Real Grain Simulation


MPEG-4 AVC encoders and decoders offering exceptional picture quality at low bit rates and low latency, ideal for High Definition satellite newsgathering and broadcasting as well as IP streaming applications


IP-9500/9400 - Transmit Real-time HD Signals Using 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 Chroma Subsampling, DVB-ASI, I/F and L-Band Modulator options

IP-920 - Compact Real-time HD/SD Content Delivery over IP Networks at Very Low Latency and Data Rate



"Award winning image restoration, enhancement,
color correction and data conforming systems"


Nucoda Film Master data-centric color correction, editing, conforming and effects

Golden Eye III Film Scanner for Film Post Production, Restoration and Archive



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