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Multi-format routers, encoders/decoders, embedders/de-embedders, copper/fiber, industry-leading connectivity products for audio/video systems

"Quality, Reliability, Innovation"

Miniature 3G/HD/SD Stand-alone Converters


Rackmounted 3G/HD/SD Converters


FS1 HD/SD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer and Converter


KUMO Compact SDI Routers


4000 Series Miniature, stand-alone Converters


5000 Series Rackmount Converters


6000 Series 10 Bit stand-alone Converters


8000 Series Up/Down and Cross Converters


9000 Series for openGear™ Converters


Audio Modules


Sonarae Audio Monitor


"Specializing in modular terminal equipment for broadcast and professional applications"

"Testor" an extremely compact and self contained HD/SD video/audio test signal generator


"Yellowbrik" small interface "brick" style products


Series 3000 MiniModules Stand-alone converters


Series 5000 CardModules, Rackmountable converters


"Leading the Creative Video Revolution"

Cost-effective Converters & Routers


DVI/HDMI to SDI Converters

500 and 7700 Series Modules
Analog/Digital Conversion, Embedding/De-embedding


Frame Sync, Multi-format Reference and Test Signal Generation, Fiber/Coax


HD/SD Timecode Generators, Film Footage/Keycode Encoders


Closed Caption, XDS/V-Chip/TSID/CGMS-A and data Insertion Experts

Compact Analog and Digital Routers


Mini-Blox Converters

Densité modular products


Standalone and miniature interfaces


NVISION routing systems


Master control and channel branding


Kaleido multi-viewers



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